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Kratom Conference Photos

The photos from the IFIP WG 94. 2017 Kratom Conference are now accessible. We uploaded more than 2,000 photos. Please use this link to access.

So the Kratom conference was a great success! There were a lot of questions as expected, but also a lot of people who seem pretty confident they would try kratom by the end of it.

We were able to provide a wealth of information on kratom to the attendees, to have some of them hopefully decide to take kratom regularly. You can review here the information that we had on hand for them. Kratom is a very beneficial product to general health, and we want to bring it to the masses!

Of course, having people learn about kratom is only the first step. We plan to have more kratom conferences as well as other projects that are currently planned. We hope you look forward to them!