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Track 05. Critical Perspectives on ICT and Open Innovation for Development

Track chairs/associate editors

  • Endrit Kromidha (Endrit.Kromidha@rhul.ac.uk, Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom)
  • Silvia Masiero (S.Masiero@lse.ac.uk, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom)
  • Caitlin Bentley (cmbentley@ntu.edu.sg, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Call for papers in pdf

Overview of the research area

Chesbrough (2004) argued that open innovation has transformed research and development within industrial relationships by enabling more collaborative approaches between organisations. Alternatively, open development refers more broadly to inclusive and transformative social change catalysed by information-sharing networks in an international context (Smith, Elder & Emdon, 2011). While empirical narratives proliferate, less is known about the theoretical links between open innovation and resultant outcomes of socio-economic development. For example, to what extent can open innovation processes – typically focused on business outcomes and rapid turnover – benefit human and sustainable development outcomes? This calls for more systematic theorisation of the concept itself, the links between open innovation and development outcomes, and of the dynamics that characterise ICT and open innovation for development.

There are different avenues of exploration within this area, and we invite submissions from authors interested in developing critical perspectives on ICT and open innovation and/or that demonstrate a goal of working towards a sustainable information society. The key idea is to break down the barriers of proprietary innovation for competitive advantage to move towards a better ‘connected whole’ through a sustainable exchange of resources and capabilities in transparent and open settings.

Considering the multidisciplinary nature of the conference, we would welcome submissions to our track from a variety of disciplines. More specifically:

  • From a management perspective, submissions focusing on networked organisations knowledge management, collaboration and innovation are welcome.
  • From an information systems perspective, we welcome studies looking at the role of ICTs in brining actors together in developing geographic locations or more remotely for co-creation and collaborative open innovation.
  • From a macro perspective of economic, geography, sociology or political sciences we welcome submissions looking at the impact of open innovation involving ICTs in developing countries.

For more information, please contact Endrit Kromidha (Endrit.Kromidha@rhul.ac.ukendrit.kromidha[at]royalholloway.ac.uk)